Data-driven residential energy carrier-agnostic demand response tools and multi-value services

In the EU, the residential sector represents 27,4% of the final energy consumption. Residential loads often contribute significantly to seasonal and daily peak demand. To avoid interruptions in the power supply, utilities companies therefore need to increase  generation.

A flexible consumption (demand following supply) could – next to energy efficiency as the ‘first fuel’ – play an important role in the residential sector. Residential demand response can reduce the need for fossil fuel power plants and help integrate renewable energy into the electricity grid by providing increased stability and management.

The EU-funded project DEDALUS aims to design, develop, and demonstrate an SSH-driven multi-value energy carrier agnostic demand response ecosystem, tailored to optimize and manage automated demand response in residential buildings.

The project will combine leading-edge ICT technologies with social and behavioral dimensions, and with a sharing economy and value-stacking governance and business models.


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