Over the course of the project, the Dedalus framework will be applied, implemented, and validated in 7 real-life pilots across 7 countries.

The large geographical coverage of the pilot sites aims to support the large-scale EU wide replicability and market take-up of solutions in different socio-economical contexts to maximize the impact of Dedalus services across Europe.

2 Denmark


The pilot is led by FaellesBo, a social housing company, acting as an administrator between the district heating company and the individual household. 

It comprises apartment buildings in Herning municipality, totaling 55,101 m2, with a subset of 56 apartments to be simulated, as part of the overall renovation of 692 flats from four housing departments.


The main objective is to investigate the link between electricity and heat through smart ventilation control, providing flexibility at the building level to the electricity grid.


Data-driven solutions where thermal inertia in the building will be used as storage at building level.


Energy efficiency and demand response optimal interactions between district heating and electricity networks in social housing.