Over the course of the project, the Dedalus framework will be applied, implemented, and validated in 7 real-life pilots across 7 countries.

The large geographical coverage of the pilot sites aims to support the large-scale EU wide replicability and market take-up of solutions in different socio-economical contexts to maximize the impact of Dedalus services across Europe.

1 Austria


This pilot is led by OurPower, a cooperative based in Vienna, operating a P2P marketplace for matching RES electricity generated by its members with consumers.

This pilot, composed by 84 private rentable serviced apartments and 20 commercial premises,  is equipped with 226 kWp rooftop and balcony PV system, 200 kWh battery storage, slow and fast EV charging stations, and baseline BEMS.

On an annual average, around 30% surplus electricity is generated and traded on the OurPower platform.

Nearly 800 customers, including 620 households, 113 farmers, and 48 SMEs, with an annual consumption of 4.6 GWh/a, buy electricity from the marketplace.


To utilize a building-level Demand Response program, coordinating energy assets in the building to smooth the statistical load profile and offer excess flexibility in a demand response scheme.


Customer cockpit with nudging app for customer engagement.


Flexibility pre-aggregation for building-level energy community