Over the course of the project, the Dedalus framework will be applied, implemented, and validated in 7 real-life pilots across 7 countries.

The large geographical coverage of the pilot sites aims to support the large-scale EU wide replicability and market take-up of solutions in different socio-economical contexts to maximize the impact of Dedalus services across Europe.

6 Ireland


This pilot will focus on demand response at the level of three different social housing bodies, each with 10 houses equipped with air-to-water heat pumps that have the technical capabilities to be used in demand responses but are not ready for it at this stage.


The main objective is the development of a framework to deploy demand response in a social housing context to fight energy poverty.
Furthermore, optimal control policies will be tested based on algorithms that simultaneously learn a Digital Twin of the dynamics of the building and the optimal control policy to be adopted.


Accurate heat meter and local steering box.


Decentralised Power2Heat cross-commodity optimal heat vs electricity social housing flexibility aggregation.